Having identified the critical skills shortage that South African employers face, AMORICOM has establish an Executive Educational Programme we teach the skills to address the scarcity and help make more people more employable.

With the focus on helping people gain sought- after skills, we at AMORICOM have partnered with various councils and institutions to bring professionals and students the best possible course material.

Led by globally recognized scholars and award-winning practitioners, open enrollment programs offer powerful opportunities for engagement with industry experts as well as bench-marking with peers.

AMORICOM also offer’s Custom programs which are a year-round option for organizations seeking a focused, world-class learning experience for a group of executives.

A custom program ensures a uniform learning experience for your group and gives you the opportunity to tailor the curriculum to your organization’s Critical and Scarce skills needs as identified in your Skills Audit. Programmes like:


The work s h o p is about understanding what Business Process Mapping is about. Its crucial role in any organization, how to use and manage different business processes to reduce waste, improve services, ensure effectiveness and improve profitability.


The objective of this workshop is to acquaint students with effective tools on how to overcome fixed thinking, expand the mind’s thinking space, find inventive solutions for complex systems problems, solve systems contradictions, resolve recurring problems, benchmarking new designs, and assessing system evolution patterns.


The 44 Business Evolution Trends enable Inventive Business Leadership course enables world leading discoveries on business evolution, which enables inventive business leadership in a systematic and predictable manner.



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