We believe that all individuals have the innate ability to achieve and we support individuals to fulfill their dreams. Understanding the ambitions of a young person we refer to Dr. Bothma as a starting point. When Dr. Bothma attended high school, he was labeled as a failure by the education system. He passed standard nine practicals before entering the workplace.  Therefore, by not complying with the set criteria for further education, he never had the opportunity or the resources to study full time at a Tertiary or Higher Educational Institution. He started out as an Apprentice at the South African Railways and Harbour (Transnet). After qualifying as an Instrumentation Mechanic, he developed a learning strategy that is complementary to his natural talent and his learning personality. His achievements became comparable to that of a fast-moving freight train – there was no stop to it. He added two National Technical Diplomas, one in Instrumentation and Electronic and the other in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. He started a career in Technical Training and completed a National Education Diploma. By integrating theory and practices and motivated by his passion for education and training he completed a BEd; M Ed (Cum Laude) and a D Ed where he linked, Education and Training with Economic Development. All these achievements were accomplished on a part-time basis whilst full time employed.

After establishing and managing various Education and Training Institutions and Providing Strategic Leadership and Directions at Macro Level in Education and Training, Dr. Bothma excelled because he never gave up on his purpose. As such Dr. Bothma believes that he has a gift and a calling to make a difference in young individuals lives as well as individuals who strive to fulfill their purpose. Through delivering High-Quality Education and Training he has found a way to deliver training that complements various learning styles through integrating visual, audio and active learning methodologies. AMORICOM provides the learning platform and interactive facilities to ensure a shared interpersonal learning experience. In co-operation with various learning institutions an initiative; “Excellence Through Education” was established to provide learners/children, parents, and educators with the basic tools and support structure to enhance the learning process.  Additionally, for learners, this means that they will not to only accumulate facts but are enabled to solve problems, whilst being supported to be successful in life and contribute to society.

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