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Your learning in this course will be made more relevant and enjoyable by regular contact with your senior AMORICOM instructors. They are experienced in teaching these fundamental concepts and are eager to help you on your way to further engineering studies. Indeed, the ability to cut through to the key basics is a special skill and you can be confident that our instructors know what is required after many years of experience. The live, interactive sessions will allow you to review and clarify key concepts and gain additional practice in problem-solving. You will have the opportunity to talk to the instructors directly to gain help with your own specific issues. In fact, we are confident that you will look forward to each weekly session once you appreciate just how valuable this interaction can become.

Many engineering professionals tend to get a little rusty with their knowledge on mathematics, physics and chemistry – which are key underpinning subjects for most engineering courses including the AMORICOM Certificate and Diploma Courses. This preparation course has been designed to fill this gap and enable you to approach the Advanced Diploma courses with confidence and a solid foundation. This course distills the relevant key concepts into 4 hard-hitting months.