NDip: Electronics Engineering

Electronic Engineering comprises career in research, design production, installation, maintenance and repair.

Duration: 3 Months

Start: 15 January

Certification: National Diploma


Wally Botes

Admin Director

I have extensive technical experience in Petroleum and Chemical Industry. He got 8 years’technical and sales experience as a sales technologist at ImproChem in Sasol Secunda.

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By completing this course you will have the skills and confidence to effectively:

  • Evaluate and apply essential methods to technical operational systems
  • Analyze and apply acquired knowledge in performing the tasks and solve common problems
  • Gather and analyze relevant information, use data to apply theories and principles within engineering related situations
  • Execute role and responsibilities by being able to summarize, classify, discuss and estimate application processes-required through mathematical concepts, technical and schematic diagrams, computer and technology usage in a range of different contexts
  • Communicate with colleagues, clients, and members of supervisory/management levels by presenting information reliably and accurately in spoken and written form