NDip: Mechanical Engineering

This program is designed to enhance your productivity and employ-ability in the mechanical engineering and energy sector whilst contributing to the quality, production rate and growth ofsaid areas. This is an occupational-based program that reflects both present and future workplace needs. It will provide graduates the possibility to be employed within the engineering field with the flexibility to pursue different careers in the broader mechanical engineering field.

Duration: 3 Months

Start: 15 January

Certification: National Diploma


Terrence Mathebula


Mr. Terrence has extensive technical experience in Petroleum and Chemical Industry. He has 8 years of technical and sales experience as a sales technologist at ImproChem in Sasol Secunda.

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By completing this course you will have the skills and confidence to effectively:

  • Evaluate and apply essential methods to technical operational systems
  • Analyze and apply acquired knowledge in performing the tasks and solve common problems
  • Gather and analyze relevant information, use data to apply theories and principles within engineering related situations
  • Execute role and responsibilities by being able to summarize, classify, discuss and estimate application processes-required through mathematical concepts, technical and schematic diagrams, computer and technology usage in a range of different contexts
  • Communicate with colleagues, clients, and members of supervisory/management levels by presenting information reliably and accurately in spoken and written form